RY9504-KN95 Surgical Respirator

RY9504-KN95 Surgical Respirator



-Filters at least 95% of non-oil base particles (PFE)

-Filters at least 99% of bacteria (BFE)

-Test Aerosol: NaCl

-Fluid/blood splash resistance 120mmHg

-Executive standard: GB 2626 + YY0469 (Equivalent to US Surgical N95 rating)

-Provide functions of both particulate respirator and surgical mask

-Cup design allows for more breathing space

- Lightweight, latex rubber free, cushioning nose foam and hypoallergenic

- Headband style, high elastic welded straps and tight fitting

This particulate respirator is designed with high fluid/blood splash resistance and recommended for use in healthcare environment for protection and exposure reduction against non-oily particles including those from haze, ash, dust, sand, airborne droplets, bacteria and viral aerosols